The best day of my life

If you ask me what the best day of my life was, I will tell you it was Feb 15th. My wife and son came back to America after a long month vacation in China on that day.

I left home at 10 am. It took me two hours to arrive at Newark International Airport. I parked the car in 106. After that, I began to check my messages. Sacha asked me whether I would be back in the afternoon because he needed my help. I was sorry to hear that but I would not be able to help him. I had to wait for my family. Honestly, the airplane was delayed.

My mother-in-law asked me whether they had arrived or not. I told her that they had been delayed for half an hour. I also hoped that she would not worry and just go to sleep. It was midnight in China.

A young mother kissed her husband. She seemed excited. She took her turn to push the stroller while the little boy was still sleeping.

At this time my phone was ringing. My friend Jonathan was calling me. He asked whether I met my family. I was about to say not yet, but wait–I found them! Perfect!

Finally, I pick up my wife and son. What a beautiful day it was!

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