I Prefer Spring

I prefer spring because I can fly kites with my son. Last year, when the first warm weekend came, we went to Boyce Park and many people enjoyed the sunshine there. When we began to fly our kite, we caught much attention. Many kids asked us to let them try. They were so eager to play with the kite. Looking at their eager eyes, we found we were so welcomed.

I prefer spring because winter has gone. The ice even behind the house will be able to melt. The trees have new leaves, which are really fast. I saw the new leaves came out in one week. The sunshine is always nice. I often enjoy the sunshine in the afternoon. Normally, I pick up a novel and sit inside my car. No one bothers me and I can read a whole afternoon on Sunday, as well I enjoy the sunshine. Sometimes I feel asleep, but never mind, just let it go. Everything has its way.

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