I have an interesting friend Aquila.

We have known each other for twelve years. In 2007, he moved to Shanghai after graduating from university. We have a lot in common, so we discussed many topics. At that time, he was preparing to study in San Francisco. Frankly, it’s not easy to make this decision. I encouraged him to go forward with his plan and I reminded him that God is always faithful if we obey His laws.

Eventually, Aquila decided to go to San Francisco.

In 2013, I met him again in the same city. He was not single, and his wife stood with him. They had just returned from Africa. They had stayed there for one year. Like before, he shared their life in Nigeria where it’s hot and people easily get old. Particularly, he shared a local story regarding the monkey. The story went like this: It is said that in order to catch a monkey, people put a big nut in a bottle with a small neck. When a monkey tries to get the nut out of the bottle with its hand, it can’t because the neck is too small. The problem is that the monkey doesn’t give up and escapes, so the hunter easily catches it.

I envied Aquila and his wife’s life. Like the wind, he can live anywhere in the world. At that time his wife was pregnant, so they had stayed in Shanghai until their daughter was two years old.

In 2015, I moved to San Francisco, Aquila also had a short trip there. Actually, he was preparing to evangelize in Tunisia. He also shared his plan with me. At first, he wanted to learn Arabic and French.

A week ago, Aquila came to Dover. Now he can communicate in Arabic, and he became a tour guide. He was really popular with Chinese visitors to Tunisia. People who watched Casablanca really want to explore Tunisia. He thinks Tunisia is similar to America, where people can do everything freely. The biggest difference is that 98% of people are Muslim. When Ramadan starts, people cannot eat during the daytime. Only a few restaurants are open for special people. When he tried to eat lunch in a restaurant, where it was really dark inside, and people couldn’t speak. They kept silent, and just like a thief. Sounds interesting!

Now Aquila prepares to go to Kenya. I hope he will have a wonderful time with his family.



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