A surprise

Today when I arrived home with my family, I checked the mailbox as usual, and found that there were three letters in it.

One of them was from CreditOne bank. I receive a lot of letters from that bank, which always asks me to apply for its credit card. However, I didn’t like it because there was no bonus.

Another letter was from Bank of America, from which I received one credit card last month. Today’s letter contained a cardholder benefits guide.

The last one was from Nielsen, which is a big company I’ve heard of before, and they are a professional research company. Comparing other letters, I was really interested in this letter. Surprisingly, I found a five dollar-bill in it. What happened? Was it a counterfeit? I was not sure. So I asked my wife. She thought it’s not a counterfeit bill. Actually they invited me to complete a survey, and they were also committed to protecting my personal identifying information. I was glad to do the survey because I’ve heard that if the survey report of Nielsen conclude that some kinds of TV program were boring and no one liked them, they might be cancelled.

It’s really a nice evening. I wish I’m able to experience many new things every day.